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Ten irresistible dishes to keep you as warm as toast on London streets this winter


Getting a little nippy out there, wouldn't you say? Don't get us wrong, we love a bit of the fresh winter air. But it's not quite the weather for gobbling tacos, ice cream or – mercifully – superfood salads.

What you really need is a big, warm hearty dish instead. But don't think you need a central-heated dining room to eat it in – London's street-food traders do some top notch dishes all in the name of comfort. Here are a few of them.

The Patate's beef bourguignon burger

Beef bourguignon burgers? There ain't much that can sweeten that little sales pitch. Unless, of course, your next words are 'would you like a slice of raclette with that?'. Let's not kid around – it's a question for which there's surely only one response. Find it at Kerb Camden


A photo posted by The Patate (@thepatateuk) on

The Mac Factory's Super Mario

For something so simple, there seems to be an inordinate amount of people who screw up macaroni cheese. Not so with The Mac Fac. Their mac 'n' cheese with sautéed portobellos, truffle oil and roast garlic hardly goes amiss, and that's before you've even got to the chunky fried breadcrumbs within. Find it: the Mac Factory restaurant in Euston or Kerb Camden 

MyPie's British game pie

MyPie is what happens when a pastry chef leaves a Michelin-starred restaurant, packs his bags and buys a van. While MyPie's general pie game is strong, it's the middle of game season now, so don't think about going for anything but – there's plenty of pheasant, partridge, and rabbit to go around. Find it: Broadgate Circle


A photo posted by MYPIE London (@mypie_ldn) on

Capish's meatball hero

Think meatballs, and it's difficult to look past those greasy tennis balls your mum served up after school on a Tuesday. But this is the proper stuff, with all the marinara, provolone cheese sauce and pecorino romano you didn't know you wanted. Get that ketchup outta here. Find it: Kerb or Street Feast


A photo posted by Capish? (@capishfood) on

Fatties Bakery's salted caramel hot chocolate

Diet? What diet? Fatties Bakery is possibly A Healthy Balanced Lifestyle's worst nightmare. Chiefly thanks to their caramel marshmallow hot chocolate, which is a tad OTT. But, naturally, all the better for it. Find it: Druid Street Market


A video posted by Fatties Bakery (@fattiesbakery) on

Skins' Fleetwood mac 'n' cheese

Deep-fried mac 'n' cheese. In deep-fried potato skins. With bacon jam. Unlike its TV programme namesake, these skins are sure to give you a happy ending. Find it: Maltby Street


A photo posted by skins (@loadedskins) on

Hank's Po Boys' Poor Boy

Traditional po' boy sandwiches are messy, sloppy, gravy-soaked and heavy with meat. Which is to say – other than the fact they sound pretty darn close to a Sunday roast in a baguette – they're custom-built for those cold winter months. Find it: Southbank Centre


A photo posted by Hank's Po'Boys (@hankspoboys) on

South East Cakery's brownie-stuffed doughnuts

Okay, brownie-stuffed doughnuts really aren't going to cure any sugar habits. But would you look at the shine on that chocolate sauce? Imagine the soft loveliness of those dough balls. And, by god, don't those bits of honeycomb look like they WANT to get stuck in your teeth? Find it: Kerb


A photo posted by @SECakery (@secakery) on

The Gyoza Guys' Combo Box

With street food, and much unlike restaurants, you don't necessarily pay for good service. But that's never stopped The Gyoza Guys – their smiles simply have no cure. And trust us – their 'steaming piles of dumplings' are a lot better than we make them sound. Find it: Druid Street Market


A photo posted by The Gyoza Guys (@gyozaguys) on

Grill My Cheese's Slumdog Grillionaire

What? Thought we were going to talk about comfort food and not mention those perversely indulgent cheese toasties on Leather Lane? Shame. Shame on you. Find it: Leather Lane


A photo posted by Grill My Cheese (@grill_my_cheese) on

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