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Ten things that only Yorkshiremen and women do in London

Beth Windsor

Apart from the accent, whippet and coal-covered face, there’s a few telling signs that set us apart from our Southern counterparts. Higher wages, a vibrant social scene and plenty of job opportunities are just some of the reasons Yorkshire folk make the far-flung relocation (seriously, it’s two hours on the train, guys) to the big smoke. But once the novelty of the bright lights and busy streets wears off, you’ll soon realise that you’re not in God’s Own Country anymore. Here are ten Yorkshire-isms that make us stand out from the London crowd.


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1. You engage with strangers

From smiling at passers-by to making random chit-chat with people on the bus, you’ll soon learn that people don’t want to talk to you on your morning commute.


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2. Everywhere seems noisy

Is there really nowhere t’get a bit o’peace an’ quiet?!


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3. The tube scares you

The thought of having to turn yourself into a contortionist every time you want to squeeze onto the tube during rush hour quite frankly terrifies you. Being late into work due to a cow in the road doesn’t seem quite so bad now.

4. You have to repeat everything

No matter how clearly or slowly you speak, people simply won’t be able to understand what you say. And when they do, they’ll repeat it back to you in their ‘charming’ version of a Northern accent.



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5. You miss the countryside

Even on a beautiful summer's day, Hampstead Heath doesn’t have a patch on the breathtaking scenery of the Yorkshire Dales, even in the rain (which is most of the time). 


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6. You notice you’re the only one not wearing a coat

Northerners are notorious for not taking a coat on a night out. We’d rather risk catching hypothermia than covering up the outfit it took us hours to assemble.


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7. You apologise, a lot

Whether it’s because you’re on the wrong side of the escalator, holding up commuters by fumbling for your oyster card or even walking too slowly in the street, you'll be very sorry, very often. 


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8. You can’t stop yourself comparing prices

The average home in Yorkshire costs £186,000, whereas in London it'll set you back a whopping £600,000. But the comparisons don’t stop there; it'll happen every time you set foot in a pub, order fish and chips (why is it so hard to get curry sauce?!) or flag down a London cab. At least there’s Uber!


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9. You’re stereotyped

People will ask you if you own a whippet, what it was like working down the coal mines and if you put gravy on everything. Play along – it makes it more fun. 


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10. You think tea doesn't taste as good

Even if it’s made using Yorkshire Tea, bought at Betty’s and made by a Yorkshire lass, it just won’t do. 

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