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Ten thoughts we’ve all had on the London Eye

Caitlin McAllister

You’ve lived in London for years, so going on the London Eye for the first time is going to be a piece of unimpressive, tourist-covered cake, right? Wrong: settle in for a half-an-hour roller coaster ride of emotions. Here are ten things that'll probably cross your mind as you ride the big wheel.

 1. 'Is that a ring? Is that guy about to propose?! Oh, no hang on… yup, definitely just tying his shoe. As you were, stranger couple.'

Jennifer Lawrence, omg

2. 'Look at those teeny tiny ant-sized people! I must look that small too when I’m down there… what is the meaning of life?'

Chris Pratt, mind blown

 3. 'I’m totally living the dream right now. I’ve always wanted to experience the thrill of the "EastEnders" opening credits.'


 4. 'Where is Downing Street? Where is the Queen’s house? Why don’t I recognise any of these buildings? Is this London?' 

Ryan Reynolds, confused

5. 'I feel like I know the city on a deeper level now. I mean, there are so many rooftop gardens I never knew existed.'


6. 'We’re at the very top! I’m the king of the world!'

King of the world, Titanic

 7. 'Has the Thames always been so… brown?'


8. 'The only thing missing from this ferris wheel ride is Ryan Gosling jumping on to demand that I go out with him.'

The Notebook

9. 'Oh hey there Ben, not so big now are you? Huh? What’s that? Nope, didn’t think so.' 

Adele, point and laugh

10. 'Well that was the quickest ride ever.'

It's over

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