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TfL has a tool that works out how long it takes to travel to anywhere in London

Isabelle Aron
Written by
Isabelle Aron

Move over Citymapper, because TfL has stepped its game up with a feature that lets you map journey times to anywhere in London. It's called WebCAT, but has nothing to do with cats and everything to do with maps. On first glance, you might think you've stumbled into the wrong place because it's placed under the distinctly unglamorous-sounding 'urban planning and construction' tab, because it's used for planners to look at how well areas are connected when planning new buildings. But before you completely switch off, it's actually a surprisingly useable tool.

You can choose to view the map by access level, which rates locations by their distance from public transport services. Or you can search by time mapping, which shows how far you can travel in a set amount of time and you can filter your search by transport mode, time of day and direction. You can also look ahead to what London's transport network might look like in 2021 and 2031, if you fancy a bit of crystal ball-gazing. It's a pretty handy feature if you're moving house or office and want a quick overview of how long it will take to get to all your favourite spots, or if you're trying to work out if the trek to your mate's house in Tooting is really worth the effort. Plus, all the colour coding makes it look real pretty. Good job, TfL.

Have a go yourself here.

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