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The Apprentice: five London challenges we'd like to see

The Pub Raider

If you tuned into the Beeb last night you'll know it's that time of year again when a cluster of shiny-suited, borderline sociopaths compete to become Sir Alan Sugar's next apprentice. While you might not be too keen to replicate the candidates' actions too closely, they do tend to venture into some of the more interesting parts of the city. Here are some of the locations and challenges we’d like to see the candidates take on.

Night Tube Chaperone Service

With more lines being added to the night tube and Christmas season around the corner, there’s a lot of wobbly wandering going on in them there tunnels. Could the candidates turn their hand to making a few quid by safely guiding merry makers to their destinations?

Restaurant Queue Place Holder

Booking free restaurants are the bane of any self-respecting foodies existence and standing out in the cold while your fingers slowly turn into icicles is not a lot of fun. But what if there were someone to do this for you and make a mint while they're at it?


Although it sounds like something a dog might do in a puddle, mudlarking is the antiquated job of making a living from things found along the bank of the Thames. Who wouldn’t want to watch an hour of the well-heeled hopefuls knee deep in the mire trying to make a few quid from their soggy finds?

Covent Garden Entertainment

From living statues to ‘magicians’ there’s money to be made from the throngs of Covent Garden. Could the business brains come up with an original idea to entertain the masses and turn a quick buck? Or will it end up in tears and a mass firing? One can only hope.

What’s New PussyCat?

With the unexpected success of Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium in Shoreditch inspiring a plethora of other cat cafes around the city, could the candidates jump on the bandwagon? A pop-up ‘Dog Pub’ or the ‘Rabbit Restaurant’? Just don’t tell the RSPCA.

The Apprentice airs next Thursday at 9pm on BBC One. 

In more telly news, someone's created a map of TV shows set in London.


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