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The clocks are going back this Sunday (for the 100th time!)

By Hayley Spencer

Summer is well and truly over, and it's almost time to bid goodbye to British Summer Time, too. The clocks go back at 2am this Sunday (October 30) as we switch back to Greenwich Mean Time. And this year marks 100 years since the tradition of rolling back the clocks every autumn began, after it was introduced by the excellently named William Willett.

But it does feel pretty outdated now we have street lights and iPhones to light our way around. To suss out all of our gripes with the tradition, lighting company Scotlight Direct asked 1,000 Brits what they hate most about the clocks changing. Here are five reasons it's actually the worst:

1. 30 percent of people's biggest complaint was that it's dark before you leave work. Going to dinner in the dark just feels wrong.

2. And 23 percent of people are pissed about the fact that their internal body clock still wakes them up at the same time, making that lie-in a myth. And then you have to wait an extra hour before your favourite coffee joint opens for your fix.

3. 16 percent hate having to manually change clocks around the house. Seriously, who has time for that?

4. 15 percent say they get confused over whether their phone clock has actually updated itself or not. Are you late, or you early? It's a minefield.

5. And just like the British weather, 5 percent of people hate the fact that we can't stop talking about it even before it happens.

If you can figure out what time it is, then here's some cool stuff to do this weekend.


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