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The first trailer for ‘The Emoji Movie’ is even more annoying than we expected it to be ☹️

Written by
Tom Huddleston

It’s an even worse idea than ‘The Angry Birds Movie’, and that was bad enough. But this summer’s family cartoon ‘The Emoji Movie’ didn’t have to be awful. In fact, when news emerged that the legendary Patrick Stewart would be voicing the poo emoji 💩, and that ‘School of Rock’ scribe Mike White was going to be working on the script, some even whispered that it might turn out to be pretty good.👍

Those voices were silenced today 🤐, when the first trailer exploded colourfully onto our laptop screens. You can pretty much guess the plot from the title: inside your phone there’s a whole computerised world (like ‘Wreck-It Ralph’) full of day-glo characters who all represent different emotional states (like in ‘Inside Out’). They work in a kind of emoji factory (like in ‘Monsters Inc’), but our hero the ‘Meh’ emoji 😒 wonders what it’s all really about (like in ‘The LEGO Movie’). Cue snarky humour, speedy action, and absolutely no soul whatsoever. 👎

Of course, this might just be a bad trailer, and the resulting film could still be a lot of fun. And poos might fly. Either way, we’ll find out when ‘The Emoji Movie’ is released into UK cinemas on August 4.

In other news, Charlie Brooker didn’t want to do his annual TV ‘Wipe’ because 2016 was so shit.

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