The London Punderground: comedian Darren Walsh puns the tube map

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Ben Williams

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London’s a joke. Well, the tube map is, at least. One-liner slinging comedian Darren Walsh – who won channel Dave’s ‘Best Joke of the Fringe’ at this year’s Edinburgh Festival – has punned his way through the Underground map, exclusively for Time Out, to make – you guessed it – the London Punderground.

The map includes such gems as ‘I arranged to meet a drug dealer here, but he was late ’n’ stoned’ and ‘They want to extend the Northern line, but I think this is Morden adequate.’

Walsh is known on the circuit for his quick-fire punnery. As well as his Edinburgh award, the 6' 8" comic won the 2014 Pun Championships and last year published a book of visual gags, ‘Cheep Laughs’.

You can catch Darren Walsh’s debut solo show, ‘Punderbolt’, at the Museum of Comedy, Oct 19, 20 and 22. And for lots more silly wordplay, follow him on Twitter @DarrenWalshPuns.

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