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The new greatest thing on the internet: this goofy romcom written by a 12-year-old

Tom Huddleston

We all had big dreams when we were 12. But how many of us were already trying to make those dreams a reality, churning out entire feature-length movie screenplays? Sarah Ramos did. And now that she's 25 and moderately famous thanks to US TV series 'Parenthood', she finally has the resources to make her childhood dream a reality.

Yes, 'City Girl' is a new romantic comedy web series written by Ramos as a pre-pubescent girl, stuck in a drawer for 13 years and now rediscovered and acted out verbatim by the actress and her hipster actor buddies, including Alia Shawkat from 'Arrested Development' and Dan Byrd from 'Cougar Town'. The result feels, well, like a 12-year-old girl's idea of what grown-up life would be like: our heroine works in a vintage shop done up in shades of bright pink, lives on pop tarts and lettuce and has heaps of stylish friends (well, this last one clearly came true).

There are three episodes online already, with more promised. 

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