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The night tube could be delayed until next March

Isabelle Aron

Nocturnal Londoners, we've got some bad news. A few weeks ago we heard that the launch of the long-awaited night tube, which was meant to kick off this weekend, would be delayed until sometime in the autumn. But it looks TfL was being overly optimistic with that vague estimate. According to an inside source speaking to City AM, the tube might not be going nocturnal until March next year. Yep, it looks like the only time we'll be riding the tube after hours this year is on New Years Eve. Unless that somehow gets cancelled, but let's not even go there. Either way, we're probably going to be stuck battling the night bus and splurging on Ubers for a whole lot longer than we hoped.

In other transport news, Victoria station is making millions from people using the toilets.

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