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The number of accidents on the tube is increasing because people aren't minding the gap

Isabelle Aron

Despite TfL's incessant reminders for passengers to 'mind the gap', it seems people aren't listening. Figures obtained through a freedom of information request by London Loves Business show that in 2014 – the most recent year that all figures were available – there were 298 accidents recorded, up from 223 in 2013.

The incidents are defined as 'passenger-train interface accidents', which include falling on the platform, falls between the train and the platform, contact between passengers and the train, and people caught in the train doors. The request included data from 2003 to 2014, showing that there were just 56 accidents in 2003 and it's been on the up ever since, with an increase of 432 percent in the last 11 years.

So if you've got an irrational fear of somehow falling on the train tracks while you wait, it turns out you might be right to give the yellow line a wide berth.

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Image: Andrea Pucci

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