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The story of 'A Street Cat Named Bob' has been made into a film

By Time Out in association with Sony Pictures

Remember the story of 'A Street Cat Named Bob'? Let us refresh your memory. Back in 2007, James Bowen was a recovering addict living in sheltered accommodation when he came across an injured cat in his hallway. James was struggling to even afford food, so he wasn't exactly looking for a new furry companion, but he decided to nurse the cat back to health anyway. He quickly named him Bob - and that was the start of their unlikely friendship.

Five years later, James signed a book deal and published his and Bob’s story, ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’. It went on to become a huge bestseller, selling more than one million copies in the UK alone. And now this heart-warming tale has been made into a film. James met Bob when he was living in London, and the film was shot on location in Hackney, as well as in some of James' old hangouts in Angel, Soho and Covent Garden, where he used to busk with Bob sitting happily at his feet.

It stars Olivier award-winning actor Luke Treadaway, of 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time' fame. And as for Bob? Well, he's playing himself, along with a few furry stunt doubles. They hadn't planned for Bob to have a starring role, but when they returned to Covent Garden to film the busking scenes, the crew discovered that the best-qualified cat was Bob himself. He had a fair bit of experience to draw on, after all. 

The film charts the moving story of how James and Bob became lifelong pals - and it might just have you tearing up, so bring a sneaky supply of tissues just in case. Who says dogs are a man’s best friend?

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A Street Cat Named Bob is in cinemas on November 4. Find out more about the film


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