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'The underground is terrifying and Citymapper is an utter pile of crap': a man from Norfolk 'reviews' London

Isabelle Aron

'Go to London! I guarantee you'll either be mugged or not appreciated.' Not our views, but the stern words of Alan Partridge, Norfolk's most famous (if fictional) son. But now another man from Norfolk has stepped up with some thoughts on London and he thinks our city is actually 'pretty dang nice'. Reddit user Big_Adam has posted a review of his visit to London, in which he gives an overall impression of his time in the city, including how he got here (Megabus - 'no leg room, at all') and what he wore - 'I've never felt so under dressed. I tend to look like I'm a few drinks and a bad life choice from being a hobo, meanwhile everyone else seems to be flat out fecking stunning looking.' Hey Big_Adam, don't put yourself down - you look great.

He might be blown away by our sense of style but the tube didn't go down so well with Adam. He describes it as 'terrifying' and isn't impressed with the cost of travel or the lack of social interaction on the Underground. His review also includes a list of 'random observations', where he curses Citymapper's need for a wifi connection, is underwhelmed by the size of Big Ben but impressed with Victoria station's toilets and our Sunday opening hours. And in another dose of self-deprecation, he admits he may have annoyed some of us 'go, go, go' Londoners by being a lumbering lump.

But Big_Adam is no amateur reviewer, he wraps up his review with an 8/10 star rating and even gives us his final bottom line: 'Overall, fecking fantastic city. Will visit again and watch Wicked.' Take that, Alan.

If you want to have as good a time as Adam, try out these city hacks that every Londoner should know.

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