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Dating in London
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The odds of finding love in London today are...

Ellie Walker-Arnott

Single and ready to mingle with your fellow Londoners? Well, we’ve got some news that’ll, erm, probably make you feel really rubbish, so sorry about that. 

Apparently, when it comes to finding love in the city, things are looking pretty dire. For the average Londoner, the odds of finding love – if it’s all left entirely to fate, ie no swiping – are one in 394. That’s according to ‘Countdown’ mathematician Rachel Riley, who has been doing sums on behalf of dating website eHarmony

Riley reckons Londoners are more likely to give birth to identical twins (odds = one in 250) than find love on any given day. She suggests that out of a population of around six million adult Londoners, there are just 15,130 people who fit the average person's romantic requirements when you take into account things like desired age, attractiveness and relationship status. 

It’s not all bad news though. It seems, for singletons, there are some perks to living in London. The average person in the UK has worse odds of finding love today: one in 562.

She also says that ‘striking up a conversation at the gym’ will increase your chances by 21 percent over a year while joining any dating site will increase your chances of securing a happy long-term relationship by 25 percent. Maybe the London dating sitch isn’t so bad after all?

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