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There's going to be a secret #Grime4Corbyn London rave – and you're invited

Miriam Bouteba

Remember back in the day when the Gallagher brothers were tripping over each other to hang out with Tony Blair? Or those innocent times when professor Brian Cox wasn’t a stargazer, but played the keyboard for D:Ream and things were supposed to get better? Well, what’s happening now is a bit like that – except that it’s actually really fucking cool. 

It’s no secret that Grime musicians have had the feels for Jeremy Corbyn for a while now; Stormzy referred to Corbyn as ‘my man’, Novelist has tweeted his support and Akala of hip-hop/political activism/Shakespeare’/being Ms Dynamite’s brother/having-cheekbones-as-sharp-as-his-lyrics fame wrote in the Guardian that he will vote for the first time in his life because he believes in Jeremy Corbyn.

Meanwhile, Boy Better Know founder Jme has been encouraging his fans to register to vote for weeks, and with one week left things have got serious. On Sunday the pair met for brunch and Jme took over the Labour leader’s Snapchat, urging people to vote (though presumably people following JC on Snapchat are pretty politically engaged already.) 

Now, the grime and Corbyn love affair has escalated into a full-on movement with the launch of, which encourages young people to vote for whoever they see fit, but, you know...

 And while you're there you can enter into a draw to win tickets to a secret London party. We don’t actually know whether it’s Skepta’s brother behind it, as it’s all rather hush-hush at the moment, but what we do know is that it will be held a week before the general election. The line-up remains secret but if it’s comprised of the grime stars who have already lent their support to Corbyn, it’ll be the rave of the year.  

Head to and register to vote.

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