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There's going to be another 48-hour tube strike next week

Written by
Isabelle Aron

So, tube strikes – you know the drill by now. The entire tube networks shuts down, the roads are filled with painfully slow-moving buses that are all terminating early, clueless folks decide to embark on their first ever Boris Bike ride and people are generally miserable. Well, not this time. In what might be the most pointless tube strike ever, staff on the Waterloo & City line are staging a walkout from 9pm on September 28 until 11pm on September 30. In case you're not familiar, the Waterloo & City is made up of just two stations, takes a total of four minutes door-to-door and is London's least used Underground line – so we're not feeling overly concerned. Let's just hope the staff on the Emirates Air Line don't decide to strike next – then we'd really be screwed.

In other news, TfL has secretly made a geographically accurate tube map.

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