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These 3D images show how London's skyline is changing

Kyra Hanson

London's skyline is going to get a whole lot busier over the next ten years, as new constructions are underway throughout the city, and now you can see exactly how these buildings will affect their surroundings thanks to 3D modelling. 

The images known as Vucity, created by 3D modelling company Vertex Modelling, show how 320 structures will affect river views from Parliament, Victoria Embankment, along the South Bank and elsewhere, so best make the most of these spaces before the scaffolding and cranes move in. 

It was only 50 years ago that St Paul's Cathedral was the tallest building in the city, but London's slightly haphazard height policy makes it the perfect breeding ground for 37-storey skyscrapers and monotonous office blocks. By visualising London in 3D, Vucity hopes to unlock how we tackle future development and infrastructure planning.  

© 2016 VUCITY

© 2016 VUCITY

© 2016 VUCITY


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