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These guerilla Night Tube signs remind us how to behave on the Underground after hours

By Hayley Spencer

The Night Tube is now up and running, which as well as breezier routes home for revellers with an aversion to Uber, means a whole lot of chaos on the underground. This weekend, the first successful all-nighters on the Viccy and Central lines ensured there was plenty of PDA, passed out people taking up seats and the occasional bit of vomit. So, in time for next weekend's services, a pair of advertising students have decided to put up some handy signs to remind us all how to behave ourselves.

Mocked up in the style of existing tube stickers, the spoof signs include warnings ('don't call your ex'), cautions ('poles may not support drunk acrobatics'), etiquette ('priority seat for people are eating kebabs') and reminders that we're all just a 'night tube wanker'.

The guerilla signs stunt is the work of Liv Adda, 27, and Bry Walters, 23. The pair told the Evening Standard they made hundreds of stickers which took hours to put up.

Walters says they wanted to do something which would get them 'noticed' and 'put a smile on people's faces.'

Night Tube warnings

 (pics courtesy of Liv Adda and Bry Walters/Evening Standard)



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