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These Valentine’s cards are designed for lovers who watch Netflix behind their partners' backs

By Time Out Film

Netflix has managed to infiltrate Londoners' lives in recent years with a constant stream of addictive TV shows – so it's little surprise that the streaming service has now even managed to get its claws into Valentine's Day by launching a series of spoof Valentine's cards.

The cards are aimed squarely at those who cheat on their partner or who are cheated on by their partner.

But Netflix's definition of 'cheating' is a little different from most: they're talking about people who sneakily watch shows on Netflix behind their lover's back. We're not sure that's up there with actually doing the dirty on your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband/partner, but we're sympathetic.

You can see Netflix's special Valentine's cards below:

According to Netflix's own figures (here comes the PR-y science bit), nearly half of streaming couples globally have cheated on their significant other, and in the UK 67 percent of people say they'd do it more if they thought they could get away with it. 

When did watching telly become so complicated?

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