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Will Diggle, Deliveroo rider
Andy Parsons

Things you only know if you’re a Deliveroo rider

Danielle Goldstein

…according to Will Diggle, 22.

Not all riders start as keen cyclists

‘I only bought my bike about a month before I started working for Deliveroo and I wasn’t that great at first, but now my legs are used to it. It’s a good way to keep fit. Since joining Deliveroo I’ve started cycling everywhere in London. I’ve even cycled from London to Paris.’

If you see a gaggle of Deliveroo riders, you’re in the middle of a district

‘Each area in London has a place that riders are allocated to sit while waiting for an order. It’s in the most central part of that area and it’ll literally just be a random street. There’ll usually be a small community of Deliveroo riders there waiting for a job.’

Food couriers can cycle the equivalent of the North Circular in one shift

‘I think I cycle maybe 25 miles in a three-hour shift. When I started working for Deliveroo I found it quite hard, but now when I get on the bike it’s fine – although when I’ve done six-hour shifts it’s been quite difficult.’

London’s rich can be mysterious

‘Once I was delivering to this really big house in Chelsea, and as I went to knock on the door a man came running out of a house a couple of doors down saying, “Don’t ring the doorbell, please!” Then he got his keys out to open the door, very quietly laid the food on the floor and closed the door again. I definitely think he was the butler, living two doors down, waiting for me to arrive.’

Londoners rarely tip, but they’re generous when they do

‘The majority of people don’t tip, but someone once gave me £10 for delivering a burger. That was pretty much the price of their whole meal!’

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