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Amy 'Bee' Sting, pub quiz mistress
Scott Chasserot

Things you only know if you’re a pub quiz mistress

By Nick Levine

…according to Amy ‘Bee’ Sting, 32.

There are ways to make even Londoners come out of their shells

‘I don’t run your traditional pub quiz: I have creative rounds where people draw something or do physical challenges. I’ll see someone like Dave from Accounts walk in wearing sensible trousers. And then, a few rounds later, he’s doing the splits on the bar in a lunge-off. It’s so fun seeing people really go for it like that.’

Team names can be a minefield

‘Last week a team gave themselves the name “I Wish This Microphone Was a Massive Penis”. Which obviously I had to read out loud. Several times.’

Some Londoners expect the quiz master to be a beardy man

‘I think some guys are a bit intimidated by a female quiz master. I don’t think they’re trying to be sexist, but I’ll get the odd comment like, “Ooh, did you write the football round yourself?” But other people are really hyped to see a young, female quiz master.’

Punters always buy the quizzer drinks

‘It can be quite dangerous. Last week I got home and my boyfriend said, “You’re smashed, aren’t you?” I was like, “No I’m not!” I’d had eight gin and tonics.’

It’s easy to spot a cheat

‘I make sure there are two super-hard questions in each round. If a team keeps getting them right, I’ll approach them between rounds. When I catch someone cheating, I always dish out a punishment. The other week, I made someone down a pint of “Shit Mix” which had Baileys, ketchup and mustard in it. It was nasty but it taught them a lesson.’

Challenge Amy on Mondays at Vaulty Towers, 34 Lower Marsh, SE1 7RG and on Tuesdays at the Old Queen’s Head.

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