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Think your cat is a closet foodie? Here are nine ways you’ll know for sure

Written by
Julie Sheppard
cat foodie

1. You tried to feed your cat Whiskas once. The little shit moved next door in protest.

2. Some cats love canned tuna. Yours prefers line-caught tuna steak. Pan-fried (and cooked pink, you heathen!).

3. Your cat loves licking the frosting off cupcakes – but only ones from Hummingbird Bakery.

4. Most cats leave dead mice by the bed as a ‘little present’. Yours garnishes them with foraged micro-herbs.

5. You get ‘the look’ if you give your cat smoked trout instead of smoked salmon.

6. Speaking of ‘looks’ – that one you’re getting when you eat a ready meal? Utter disdain, and rightly so.

7. Your cat purrs contentedly through every episode of ‘MasterChef’ (but not ‘Great British Menu’).

8. You say: ‘kitty treats!’ Your cat thinks: ‘Caviar? HIT ME.’

9. That goddamn day you brought home jamón ibérico from Brindisa but forgot to put it in the fridge? Cat Christmas.

Remember the badass Brockley cat?

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