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This alternative tube map shows how many calories you burn walking between stations

Isabelle Aron
Written by
Isabelle Aron

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Some people can manage to hit up a 6am spin class and whizz up an Instagram-worthy green smoothie before we've even had a chance to hit snooze on our alarm. To those people, we say: good for you. But for us mere mortals, getting off the tube a couple of stops early seems like a much more civilised way to squeeze in a vague attempt at exercise before work. And now you can quantify your efforts with this handy map, which shows how many calories you could burn by walking between stations instead of taking the tube.

The alternative tube map was created by online pharmacy and GP Wayne Osborne, who says that once you get into central London, most stations are about two minutes apart on tube or 10-15 minutes on foot. So while you might not fancy tackling your entire commute on foot, once you get into Zone 1 it's probably worth getting off a couple of stops early. Even if you couldn't care less about calories, at least you'll be able to escape from being awkwardly wedged under somebody's armpit and get some well-needed fresh air. 

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