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This ‘bio-activated’ escape game is like a freakier Crystal Maze

David Clack

We’re not exactly sure why, but it turns out that imprisoning yourself in strange rooms is the hot new way for Londoners spend their weekends. Yes, so-called ‘escape games’ – in which you’re locked in a room and must find your way out by solving a series of devious puzzles – are very much a thing, and they’ve just taken a turn for the exceedingly freaky.

Resembling a cross between ‘The Crystal Maze’ (which has its own real-life game version that you can read about here) and a particularly demented horror film, Hyde tasks you with navigating your way through a series of interconnected, cubic rooms, via doors that are unlocked by solving puzzles. The twist is that some of the puzzles can only be solved by altering your physical state – increasing your heart rate, say, or assuming certain poses. Oh, and there’s a madman hiding in the maze who wants to totally mess you up. We told you it was freaky.

HOWEVER the big catch is that Hyde doesn’t exist. Not yet, anyway. It’s currently still in the crowdfunding stage, with eight days left on the clock and £40k left to raise. Check out the video on the Kickstarter page and we think you’ll agree that this is a cause more than worthy of your pocket money. 

Want to make it happen? Pledge your support here.

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