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This handy tool works out where you should live for a short commute and cheap rent

Isabelle Aron

If we had it our way, we'd be able to teleport into work and dispense with the entire TfL network completely. But until some super-smart scientist pulls their finger out, we're stuck wasting hours of our lives commuting on boring old buses and tubes. But while we're waiting for technology to catch up with our transport expectations, property website Find Properly have made a tool that works out where you should move to make your commute as short as possible AND keep your rent costs to a minimum, which is surely every Londoner's ultimate dream.

The tool uses data from TfL's journey planner and median rent prices from the site's property listings to show you how much time and money you could be saving every week. Just fill in where you currently live and where you work and it produces a fancy-looking graph, plotted with places to live for optimum money and time saving. It selects a range of options depending on whether you're a baller who's ready to throw money at rent but wants a commute that's under ten minutes, someone with less money to burn and doesn't mind venturing out past zone 3, or a happy medium that's somewhere in between.

Want more ideas on where to live? This tube map shows the average rent costs near every Underground station.

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