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This map shows London’s most popular Uber journeys

Uber trips in London

Love it or hate it – and there are plenty of cabbies in the latter camp – since it arrived in the city five years ago, Uber has changed how people get around London. Here’s the proof: a map of the most popular journeys taken in Uber cars from each area of London.

It shows that across the city, most rides are local – people hopping from one area to another neighbouring area – rather than crosstown schleps. People from Barking are most likely to travel to East Ham and vice versa, while Tootingites are most likely to travel to Battersea. There’s only one popular long trip: from Heathrow to Westminster and the City. In fact, outside central London, Uber seems to be filling in gaps in suburban transport networks more often than bringing people into town – whatever your black cab driver says about Zone 1’s plague of Priuses.

Here five things you only know if you’re an Uber driver.



Kenny N

This is an uber driver who's just followed his sat nav up the stairs at a hotel in St. John's Wood, is this what London really wants? If your going to get a cab use the traditional licensed black cab or your local minicab company avoid these clowns who haven't got a clue where they are going, sexual assaults one every 11 days, no proper enchantched

Criminal record check, yes they are cheap but ask yourself is it worth paying a little more for your safety?

David A

The recently released figures for 32 sexual assaults and rapes put Uber at the forefront of this despicable violation - it worked out at one every 11 days!

So for the sake of a couple of quid you run the risk, you pay the price in more ways than one!

amanda r

Did you not know uber uses software to deceive regulators? They also use software to spy on passengers and software to spy on competition. 

They are a substandard minicab firm with a big wallet. That wallet will not be parting with any cash for VAT in this country, or benefits for their slave workers, that cash is spent on Lobbying and subsidising rides, until they have market domination.

Looking highly unlikely.

amanda r

Yes there are plenty of cabbies in the latter camp, reasons behind this are becoming more alarming by the day. Uber were licensed illegally five years ago, they still do not comply with regulations, so thats one, the rest is unreal, Uber's passage into London was faciliitated by George Osborne and David Cameron, Tfl the regulators pension scheme s managed by Blackrock who happen to have a £500 million stake Uber. This vile company adds absolutely nothing to our economy.. This is corporate greed at its worst. 

" London Taxis earning a good living, we can tap into that, put them on minimum wage, we will cream off the rest" that is exactly how thiese companies work

All rides subsidised by VC investors cash, temporarily cheap. This industry has a very small margin for profit if regulations are adhered to. 

Travis Kalanick labelled taxi drivers as "assholes" how uneducated this man is. No knowledge of "The Knowledge"  a test second to none. 

London is different to any other Taxi industry in the world. Travis you can sod off because you and your shit minicab firm trying for global domination. You cheated your way into London. We earnt it.

All you smartphone waving fools, you need to adjust your moral compass, is it right that you get into an Uber, the driver is on less than a fiver an hour and having to claim benefits to maintain a basic standard of living.

Hungary, Taiwan, Denmark, Italy, Argentina, China. Thumbs up to you guys