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This teenager’s video reviews of London chicken shops are better than anything on Netflix

David Clack

Time Out’s editors know that reviewing restaurants is a fine art. But we’re also humble enough to know when we’ve been beaten at our own game.

London, meet Chicken Connoisseur, a wing-addicted YouTuber whose series The Pengest Munch could be the greatest contribution to the arts of 2016. Okay, that’s perhaps a slight exaggeration, but this guy really knows his chicken.

He won't stand for sub-standard battering. 

He's particular about chips. 

And he never forgets the importance of value.

It's fair to say Time Out's Food & Drink team is looking very nervous indeed. Grab a bucket of crispy chicken, watch the latest episode below and then check out the full series on YouTube. 

In other fried chicken news, a vegan chicken shop is opening in Hackney next month


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