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This tube app helps you and your mates find the ideal meeting spot

By Alice French

A Londoner has created an app to eliminate squabbles about where friends are going to get together in the city, by finding a meeting point that’s equidistant from where you’re all travelling from.

A simple suggestion that you should all go out for drinks can quickly turn sour when it comes to choosing where. ‘Yeah, Camden might be closer to me, but you don’t have to change as many times on the tube, and it takes 2.4 minutes longer for me to get there.’ We’ve all been there, to the point of questioning whether it’s actually worth having friends that live further than a walk away.

Chris Arthurs came up with the brilliant idea behind the Android-only (sorry, Apple users!) Meetie London app around nine months ago, after getting frustrated when trying to meet up with his own friends.

It takes into account Underground, Overground, DLR and Crossrail stations, finding one in the middle of where you and all your friends are travelling from.

There’s also a slider tool, which means you can either reduce the total travel time for you and your friends or make the distances you travel more equal. Once you settle on a meeting point, the app can also suggest things for you to do in the area.

Chris is even thinking about expanding to other big cities around the world – saving friendships everywhere, one map at a time.

Download Meetie London here.

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