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This tube map shows how inaccessible the Underground is

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We love an alternative tube map. Whether it's Harry Potter-themed or one that shows how many calories you can burn walking between stations, we're into it. But let's get serious for a minute, because this alternative tube map shows how many stations have wheelchair access, and as you can see, it's looking pretty sparse. The map is the work of London-based creative team Olivia and Irene, the duo who created the brilliant alternative tube badges and have now turned their hand to a more serious cause with this project. 

According to TfL, currently only 25 percent of tube stations and half of all Overground stations have step-free access, which are some pretty depressing stats considering we're such a high-tech city. On the plus side, newer lines such as the DLR and Emirates Air Line are much more accessible with step-free access at all stations. Even so, it looks like TfL has got a long way to go to make the Underground and Overground lines properly accessible for people who need step-free access.

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