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This tube map shows how unaffordable renting in London is


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It will come as no surprise to anyone that renting in London is pretty damn pricey, but a new alternative tube map from housing charity Shelter shows just how bad it is. The map shows that out of the 270 stations on the Underground, only 15 are in areas where renting is genuinely affordable. Instead of the usual zones 1-6, Shelter has split the map into three zones, which are 'unaffordable', 'difficult to afford' and 'affordable'. As you can see from the map, the most affordable options are at the very end of each tube line.

The charity analysed the cost of renting two-bed private properties in London and defined 'affordable' rent as anything less than 35 percent of the combined take-home pay of a two-wage household on average salaries (one person working full-time, one working part-time). The map is pretty depressing, but Shelter is hoping to do something about it. The charity has launched a petition calling on the next London mayor to fix this city's renting crisis. Here's hoping.

Sign the petition.

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Lewis C

ever been to moor park or Ricky. definitely not cheap who made this data up?

James W

Wow.  A petition.  That'll work.

How about just simply build a ton of houses on the (not always very) green belt?

Peter T

@James W Yes, I agree - any (non-park) land within a mile of a station inside the M25 must be developed.