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This tube map shows the average rent costs near every Underground station

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Trying to find somewhere cheap to rent in London? Yeah, good luck with that. To help you in your impossible quest, Thrillist has made a tube rent map, which shows the average rent prices for one-bed flats within one kilometre of each station on the Underground. And it's as depressing as you'd expect.

If you've got big bucks to spend, you can rent a one-bed in Hyde Park Corner for £2,920 – because who hasn't got nearly three grand to spend on rent every month? Depressingly, rent prices seem to be pretty steep even if you're way out at the end of the line, as demonstrated by the fact that a one-bed in Morden is fetching a clean £1,024pcm.

The cheapest it gets is a one-bed flat in Hatton Cross, which is practically a steal at £324pcm. Sure, being that close to Heathrow means you'll probably be driven mad by the incessant sounds of aeroplanes flying overhead, but at least you've got easy access to the airport if you want to squander all that rent money you saved on holidays instead.

Think it can't get any worse? You could be paying £550pcm for a tent in someone's living room.

Cheer yourself up with this 'Great British Bake Off'-themed tube map.



Karen L

Would you please do an overlay on this apartment price map showing the safest areas to live in London?  Thank you!

x x

well, how could that change? it would change if noone moved to London for work, except Londoners who already have houses there. If people preferred to be located elsewhere in the country and did not put themselves in the horrible situation of having to pay at least £1000 pm for a horrible studio, then rent prices would inevitably fall. Who would owners rent their places to? Why do people put themselves in situations where their salary is spent mostly on rent? just to think they have a job? just to know that they have £200-£300 at the end of the month to spend on bills and living expenses? what good is a job that pays you £1800 per month when  £1400 is rent? a good job in a good location is one that leaves you with money at the end of the month, your disposable income. Just look for jobs elsewhere and leave London. Animals live better. Living in one room and working just so you can pay the ever-rising rent because some people have lost all sense and logic, is no way to live. Why contribute to the problem by living in a city where you're nothing more than a disposable rat??

Justin H

All these 'average' rent prices must be based on the worst apartments in each area, even when i left in 2012 after 8 years, you couldn't get a 1 bed flat in clapham common near the tube for 1,300 that would be livable.  If i can now get a decent place for 1800 in high st ken, i'll be on the first flight back with these bargain prices!