Worldwide icon-chevron-right Europe icon-chevron-right United Kingdom icon-chevron-right England icon-chevron-right London icon-chevron-right Those posh Nine Elms flats are getting a 'sky pool', so the rich can look down on you while they swim
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Those posh Nine Elms flats are getting a 'sky pool', so the rich can look down on you while they swim

Those posh Nine Elms flats are getting a 'sky pool', so the rich can look down on you while they swim

While the rest of us make do with dowdy marble pools with just a single servant to hand us our towels, London’s mega-rich have just kicked their aquatic downtime up a notch. It’s just been revealed that the Nine Elms development near Battersea Power Station will feature a 90ft ‘sky pool’, linking the tenth stories of two luxury residential buildings that you will almost definitely never ever set foot in.




Doing his best to justify the gigantic architectural dick-swing, CEO of property investment firm Eco World Ballymore Sean Mulryan explained: 

‘My vision for the Sky Pool stemmed from a desire to push the boundaries…The experience of the pool will be truly unique, it will feel like floating through the air in central London.’ 

Coincidentally, this is a feeling that can also be experienced by being fired from a cannon on the roof of Centre Point into the Thames – something we’d wholeheartedly suggest Mr Mulryan adds to his to-do list. 

The apartments at Embassy Gardens go on sale from September. Prices start at £602,000, so fuck you.

Why not go swimming in one of London's lidos and outdoor pools instead?



Sophie S

Do you have to live there to use this pool, or can you just visit?

Emma U

Hilarious, well said article. All we can do now is laugh at how incredibly hard its proving to buy in London! It raises the bar indeed... how about raising the pool to the roof and slap a £602,000 price tag on it, the big guys say.  

Matt A

Just build two 100k houses, put a pool in between and save your self 400k....job done!

Jamie R

For all those people saying that they don't understand the vitriol of thus article or people's comments. It's very simple no matter how hard you work in London you will never be able to afford to buy in London. You won't be able to buy on 15k 20k 25k 30k 40k and possibly more. If you earn £50, 000 salary after tax take home pay is £3000 and a 1 bed is £1400 after bills and you may be lucky to have a grand total. If you can save 600 and live on 400 per month after 20 yrs you still would not have a deposit for a flat/house

That's why people are so vitriolic to these luxury developments and the people who build a purchase them.

diana r

Curious that the writer assumes Time Out readers can't afford a 600k apartment. How very working class!

Don F

Maybe we can send pictures of this pool to third world countries so that when they look at it they will be less thirsty? We better take note to see what rich people consider important because It sure as heck is not their fellow man...

Kristine T

Maybe that's the beginning of pools floating on air. Who knows, maybe in 10 years TimeOut will be posting about the latest popup pool bar in the middle of the air that anyone can go swim and have a drink. :)

Stephen E

I'm neither particularly rich nor particularly poor, have lived in London for 25 years, and I fully understand the vitriol, animosity and snark behind this article. As Andi pointed out, if you don't get it, then you haven't being paying attention.

Not only are developments such as this forcing people out of areas that were previously 'affordable', but many of them are bought solely as investments. Michael H - aspire away, and work, work, work, but places like this aren't built for you.

We can only imagine the fun that the non-domicile owners of that property won't have while not swimming in that skypool that they'll never even see.


I totally agree! Would love to see his human cannonball trick. Asshole extreme...

Michael H

I'm not rich and have been frustrated by not being able to get on the property ladder in London, but I don't understand the vitriol in this article. It seems lately that the non-rich are much more intent on dragging the rich down than they are in having a meaningful discussion. Not helpful. I'd rather aspire to having something cool like the sky pool in my building and work that much harder to get there, rather than trying to split society via useless "us vs them" cliches.

Charles C

@Michael H but you don't think these exclusive developments create 'us vs them' anyway? try googling 'poor doors in London' for examples of where these developments are leading to a segregated society.

Andi M

If you don't understand the animosity behind this article then you must not fully understand what is happening to this great capital of ours.  I'd suggest you look up from your fair trade latte for a moment and understand the situation a bit better.

Mike T

The area these flats are being built in was brownfield industrial so no one lived there. Get over yourself getting indignant that a crappy area is becoming better.

Craig S

What an angry, angry little man David C is.  This is really fecking cool.  And £600k, for a home in London?  That's horrific, obvs, but for London it's a pretty standard price for even a moderately nice flat .
Someone needs his morning bottle, methinks. 

Rebecca B

I don't understand the animosity behind this article, it looks like a cool idea to me; besides, there are plenty of places in London you can't afford.