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Thousands of people have signed a petition to save a squirrel in Woolwich from pest controllers

Isabelle Aron

UPDATE: Cyril the squirrel has now been saved!

A spokesperson from the building's property management agency, Rendall & Rittner, said: 'We have been listening to all those concerned about Cyril and want to assure the community that he will not be harmed'

If we told you that there was a petition to save a squirrel in London from being exterminated, would you think we were joking? Well, we're not. It's happening right now. And the petition hasn't just got a few measly signatures, either – it's been signed by more than 4,000 people so far.

Cyril the squirrel has made the Royal Arsenal development in Woolwich his home, but now he's facing extermination at the hands of the pest controllers. His crime? Apparently, some people want the poor guy removed because he's allegedly been 'hiding nuts in people's pot plants'. The cheek of it.

Here he is in action (not hiding any nuts, just hanging out):

Video: Hannah Chambers

Want to save Cyril? Sign the petition.

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