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Neighbours in London
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Three ways you can get to know your neighbours in London

Written by
Alex Foch

Between all the passive-aggressive notes and the hallway grunting, a quality relationship with your neighbour can be hard to come by. But it's not totally impossible. Check out these three websites that can help rebuild neighbourhood morale, one click at a time.


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So you’re hosting a party next week and you could really do with your neighbour’s barbecue set (not that you’ve been peeking into their garden or anything like that). Streetbank has you covered, listing all manner of tools and whatnot available to borrow in the local area. The exchange of services is also encouraged, which may include language tuition or advice on a range of interests, so even budding competitive dog groomers can find inspiration. Users are also able to declutter their cupboards of forgotten items, such as that dust-covered film projector you haven't used since 'Finding Nemo' came out on DVD.

Team London

Want to make a difference but don’t have the time or money to fly halfway across the world? With Team London, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own borough. There’s a wide selection of roles on offer, such as child mentors, conservation workers and choppers/stirrers of nutritious surplus food for the homeless. It doubles up as a handy platform for charities to enlist local help. You’re guaranteed to meet fantastic, like-minded people and you can even collect badges to show off about your volunteering activity on social media if you're that way inclined.  


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Following widespread success in the US, Nextdoor is now connecting notoriously antisocial UK neighbourhoods, having acquired the Streetlife app. Want to introduce yourself to your neighbours that you nod awkwardly to in the street? Still looking for Frank the Field Spaniel? Or just in need of a local builder who won’t turn up with a six-pack of beer and rip you off? Join the site, upload your address and postcode, verify yourself and you will be ready to view and post public updates to bring your neighbourhood closer together. Just don’t be that one neighbour sharing daily insights about whether they’re drinking Earl Grey or taking the plunge with rooibos.

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