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Tom Hanks or Bill Murray? This confusing photo is freaking people out

Tom Huddleston

Oh look, there's a funny picture of that nice Tom Hanks pulling an amusing face on a golf course. Right? Well, apparently not. Back in 2012, Laura Michele Ross ran into superstar and noted golf fan Bill Murray at St Andrews in Scotland, and her husband snapped a pic of him imitating her crying child. Here it is in full.

tom hanks or bull murray

A year later she posted it on cutesy Facebook page Reasons My Son is Crying, and now, three years later, everyone's noticed it and some people on the internet are struggling to process their feelings.

While others are just being all clever.

When you first look at the picture it's definitely Hanks, there's no question. But when you read the facts of the case and study the photo a little more closely, its Murray-ness becomes steadily more apparent. Frankly, we have to stop looking at it because we're starting question reality and it's barely even breakfast time yet.

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