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Dana Gould
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Top of the pods: this month’s comedy podcast pick to make your ears laugh

Written by
Ben Williams

The Dana Gould Hour

Is that the guy from ‘Wayne’s World’? Er, that’s Dana Carvey. Dana Gould is a long-time US stand-up known for his smart routines and lightning-comic reflexes.

And he hosts a podcast? Yep, the former ‘Simpsons’ writer is joined by his comedian friends – including regular guest Eddie Pepitone (aka ‘The Bitter Buddha’) – to hilariously pick apart the extremes of American culture.

Such as… Could be serial killers. Could be Donald Trump. Anything goes, really. The only guarantee is that, at some point, the conversation will circle back to one of Gould’s obsessions: bad monster movies, Richard Nixon, ‘Planet of the Apes’ (the original, of course).

Sounds super-nerdy. It kind of is. But Gould is so funny, and has such a good rapport with his guests, that the topic could be grouting the bathroom and you’d still be grinning from ear to ear.

What else should I listen out for? Gould’s brill mini-essays on US pop culture. With wry commentary on everything from Bigfoot to the two teenagers who invented ‘Superman’ in the 1930s (and then sold the rights to DC Comics for just $130. D’oh.)

Where can I listen? Head to

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