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Torrential rain, meteor showers and an epic supermoon: London's year in weather

By Time Out London contributors

If there's one thing you learn from living in London it's not to trust the weatherman. And it's not just unexpected downpours you need to be wary of – 2016 saw some seriously freak weather threaten the city, from floods to sinister sounding blood rain. There was also an epic supermoon to make up for it. Let's recap the year in weather.

January got off to a suitably snowy start, but while the rest of London looked out at their window and thought 'sod it, there's not enough to build a snowman' and went back to bed, John Edwards was up early flying a drone over Crystal Palace Park, where a sprinkling of snow covered the park's resident dinosaurs, making south London look very 'Ice Age 2'. 

The sun tried its darn hardest to break the cloud cover from February onwards but Spring remained a mixed affair. Things got exciting as we moved into summer, when news of meteor showers were a welcome distraction from the torrential rain which was disrupting transport lines and submerging entire streets. 


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If those ominous June clouds weren't enough to give us the shivers, we then had to contend with the eerie-sounding blood rain, which never actually reached London, but sounded pretty cool, if a tad apocalyptic. 



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August had many Londoners setting up camp in anticipation of the Perseid meteor shower, which supposedly saw around 200 meteors an hour zooming through the sky. Though you'd be hard pressed to see more than two in this photo by one intrepid stargazer. 

London finally surpassed itself in October with an Autumnal makeover that saw the crispiest of yellow, orange and red leaves brighten up our trees, streets and parks. Instagram was loving it.


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Though the technicolour makeover didn't last long as doom and gloom descended just a few days later courtesy of the thickest and spookiest fog. Though it did coincide with Halloween, so at least it was timely.

Remember 2015's shocking excuse for a supermoon? Well 2016 more than made up for it in November with a pretty spectacular follow up. Some people captured some incredible snaps of it in all its glory, while other wannabe photographers made it look a little less than err, super with their attempts...



#supermoonuk #supermoonlondon #nofilter #ariessupermoon

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...Don't give up the day job just yet!

Going into December and temperatures plummeted – bad for our immune systems but great for your Instagram game, as proved by these awesome frosty snaps...


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By Kyra Hanson and Hayley Spencer

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