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Uber charged a passenger £102 for a 20-mile detour around London

Uber charged a passenger £102 for a 20-mile detour around London

What's worse than waking up with a hangover after a big night out? How about waking up with a hangover and finding out that your Uber home cost you over a hundred quid? Yep, that'll do it.

That's what happened to bartender Daniel Kaizen, who was charged £102.17 for a journey on Sunday night that should have been about five miles. He ordered an Uber from Old Street to Wood Green and was given a quote for £15. Seems reasonable, right? But his driver apparently decided to take the 'scenic route', which involved a 20-mile detour around London.

Daniel said he snoozed his way through most of the way home, so he only found out in the morning when he went to rate the driver because he was 'a nice guy'. He said he nearly spat his tea out when he saw the route his driver had taken. Not such a nice guy now, eh? Or maybe he was a really nice guy and just had a really bad sense of direction. Either way, Uber has promised to refund the full amount and will be 'investigating' what happened. We'll save you some time, Uber: you went the wrong way.

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John F

Quite honestly, this kind of situation is NOT a mistake. It's either deliberate or just plain IGNORANT / STUPID. If one does not know the best / correct route, a sat nave or the use of google maps can be used. Everyone from young to retired have one or other or both.!! So that's another obvious reason not to trust an uber !!!!!!!!!

John F

Just seen the posts on Facebook from uber trying to recruit would be drivers. When trying to find more information, one is pointed to and required to agree to terms etc and sign up before going any further. I do not & will not sign up or agree to anything before knowing the facts. I would also not advise anyone to do so. Uber are trying to entice people to sign up with a suggestion that high part time earnings are possible. It's not surprising that we see this kind of story of a passenger being ripped off!! The old saying stands!! BUYER BEWARE !!! Stick to and use the service(s) you know and trust. Why were so many including TFL and others around trying to BAN uber. BEST POLICY IS TO AVOID THEM AS THEY CANT BE TRUSTED!!!!

Alkamal R

Well look at it this way, he's getting a FULL refund, so that was pretty much a free ride home. So where's the problem?  I would actually even prefer that. Would a black cab or Addison Lee give you a free ride if they've made a mistake? I very much doubt it.

By the way, Uber already know the driver got it wrong hence why they gave the refund; they're 'investigating' why it went wrong, i.e. the driver will get a warning or even his licence revoked (if there have been multiple warnings I assume).

I also can't understand how Daniel couldn't see they were going the wrong way, it's a left up Kingsland Road straight after Old Street, did he fall asleep 2 minutes after getting in the cab or was he that drunk? Maybe it's just me that follows the route.

Sven E

Or use Hailo, Gett or Cab:app and avoid being ripped off in the first place.

Alice x

There are always going to be mistakes/dishonesty in large organisations but with the route map you always have a record to check for 'mistakes'.  Uber refunded me instantly when I received an obvious mistaken charge.  

Anthony S

I can't reconcile some of Uber's policies, most notably the £5 cancelation charge and the estimated quote price. When they have your bank details already it feels like they're completely railroading you. We're be better off supporting local versions like Addison Lee to keep these type of unfair charges out of our lives. If a taxi driver asked you for £100 cash at the end of your night they'd be more likely to get someone laughing in their face.