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UberEats: Here's everything you need to know about Uber's new food delivery service

UberEats: Here's everything you need to know about Uber's new food delivery service

Not content with having cornered the market for lazy and/or drunk Londoners who can't be arsed with public transport, Uber is now branching into food delivery, too. UberEats launches in London today, which means you'll be able to order from more than 150 restaurants within zone 1, including The Good Life Eatery, Hotbox, Chilango, Pho, Comptoir Libanais and Snog.

To save any confusion, the new app is totally separate from the Uber app, so don't go searching on your existing app if you're hungry. You can download it here. But, to make things easier, you can use the same log-in for both apps.

As with Uber, it's pretty straight forward. The app will use your location to determine which restaurants are available to you, then you just choose one, pick your dishes and you're ready to roll. You'll even get updates at each stage, to stop you getting hangry. Here's the whole process in GIF-form:

There's also no minimum order, so if you just fancy a single doughnut or a portion of chips, you don't have to worry (although, really, who ever only wants one doughnut?). Plus, for the first month, they're offering free delivery and, if your food doesn't arrive within 30 minutes, you can get up to £20 on your next order.

At the moment it's available within zone 1, every day between 11am and 11pm, but they're hoping to expand the delivery area over the coming weeks. Here's a map of where you can use UberEats at the moment:

Oh, and if it's your first time using UberEats, you can use the promo code 'UBEREATSLONDON' to get £10 off your first order. 

Happy (Uber)eating!

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There are certain point to keep in mind when you Order Online Takeaway  like Know the restaurant, Careful with what you order.Try to order ahead and Watch the details.

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