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Uh-oh, there are SEVEN weekend tube strikes planned, starting next week

Isabelle Aron
Written by
Isabelle Aron

It's Friday, it's not raining and the dark days of January (dry, or otherwise) are behind us – what could possibly spoil your mood? Oh yeah, this. 

Members of the RMT union have just announced plans for a whopping seven 12- and 24-hour tube strikes, kicking off next weekend. This has to be some kind of record. But unlike most of our tube strike woes, this mega tube strike marathon has nothing to do with the mythical night tube. The dispute is over 'basic safety issues', which we're hoping TfL plan to address pretty swiftly. Otherwise, you can expect a whole lot of travel aggro ruining your weekends over the next few months.

Here are all the details on the strikes:

6.30am on February 12 until 6.29am on February 13

6.30am until 6.29pm on March 6

6.30am on March 25 until 6.29am on March 26

6.30am on March 27 until 6.29am on March 28

6.30am until 6.29pm on April 24

6.30am until 6.29pm on May 15

6.30am until 6.29pm on June 12

Find out more details on the RMT's website.

Or get prepared with this handy walking tube map.

Image: Brandon A

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