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'Undergroans' tube map attempts to express your #tubestrike pain

Isabelle Aron

Click here for the full-sized map

Avid blog readers will be well aware that we love an alternative tube map, almost as much as we appreciate a well-crafted pun. So when we came across a pun-themed tube map, we thought we'd struck gold. Sadly, it all fell apart from there. In case it's slipped your mind, there's a 24-hour tube strike kicking off at 6.30pm today, so AlldayPA have come up with an 'undergroans' tube map with 'punny' alternative tube station names. And we're using the term 'pun' loosely. Okay, 'Maida Take The Bus' is just about passable, but 'Elephant in the Room' is really not doing it for us. And don't even get us started on 'Nowhere Fast' or 'Charring Very Cross'. To quote the 'undergroans' map, it's a bit of a 'Whopping Fail'. We think they've missed some real opportunities – what about Hammershit, Arsenhole or Shite City?

The bar's been set pretty low here, so we want to know if you can think of any better puns (you DEFINITELY can). Let us know in the comments!

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