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Unite for Europe: there’s going to be a huge protest against Brexit tomorrow

Written by
Alexandra Sims

Ah, Brexit. It’s left yawning gaps in our bars of Toblerone, threatened our Marmite supplies and driven Heineken beer from Tesco’s shelves. Nevertheless, PM Theresa May has confirmed that Article 50 will be triggered on March 29, beginning two years of Brexit negotiations. In anticipation of our formal exit from the European Union, thousands of people are set to join an anti-Brexit march through central London this weekend.

The Unite for Europe March, organised by a group of Remain campaigners, will begin at Park Lane at 11am on Saturday March 25 and is calling on people to show their support for ‘the peace, friendships, relationships, rights, business and academic collaborations, economic prosperity and outward-looking attitude that European Union membership delivers’. 

So far, more than 50,000 people have said they are going to or interested in attending the march on Facebook, which also takes place on the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome, which established the European Economic Community.

Their website carries a defiant message: ‘We are the 48 percent who voted against Brexit and those who were not allowed to vote against it – the young and the EU nationals living, working and paying taxes in the UK. We are outraged by the government’s current direction in dealing with the result of the referendum.’ 

‘Fundamentally, we never wanted Brexit and this march is about making our voices heard. If Article 50 is triggered, then we’ll do everything we can to limit the damage this government will be causing.’ 

Organisers confirmed on Thursday that the march will still be going ahead after the Westminster attack. Protesters will observe a minute of silence and remembrance at the start of the rally and organisers are encouraging all attendees to bring with them a symbol of respect. 

The march follows a successful crowdfunding campaign which raised £76,571 in 49 days towards costs for the march. 

The Unite for Europe March begins at 11am on Saturday March 25. Protestors will meet outside the Hilton Hotel on Park Lane and march to Parliament. If police are still investigating the scene of the Westminster attack the march will move to a contingency route. 

Image: Andy Barrett/Flickr

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