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Video: this guy ate at every single McDonald's in London in one day

Isabelle Aron

You know how McDonald's always seems like a good idea at the time (usually when it's about to close and you're very, very drunk), but afterwards you're filled with regret and feel like your insides are greasier than a deep fat fryer? Imagine that feeling, but multiplied by, um, a lot. That's presumably what YouTube blogger James Ware went through after he completed his McDonald's marathon, where he ate a different dish at all 46 McDonald's outlets in London in a single day.

He started the day strong, saying he'd woken up 'hungry enough to eat a horse' so naturally, he was going to 'put the farce in fast food' with this insane McDonald's challenge. Heroically, he managed to squeeze in seven McDonald's breakfasts before the cut-off point at 10.30am, and then ploughed through the rest of the menu, eating 46 different (but mostly fried) items in 17 hours and 9 minutes. And by the end of the day, he certainly doesn't look like he's lovin' it.

Feeling queasy yet? Watch the video to see how he got on:

Take a look at this wonderfully casual Kingston crime-stopper.

Or if you haven't been put off burgers for life, chow down on your favourite burgers in London.


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