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Watch Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt lose their shit at each other

By Time Out Film

It's a legal requirement that to become a Hollywood star, you must first have your sense of humour surgically removed. Most A-listers take themselves so seriously that when they try to switch on funny it’s like watching your dad doing karaoke. With the exception of Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. The likeable double act have been consistently hilarious on the press tour to promote their space sci-fi ‘Passengers’.

During a recent appearance on BBC1 the pair took part in ‘Playground Insults’, trading comically rude comments (the aim of the game is to make your opponent crack up or deliver the knock-out insult). Their rib-digging insults included Lawrence telling Pratt, ‘You are so stupid that your three-year-old son has probably taught you everything you know.’ He came back with: ‘How does it feel being in the stupidest Marvel movie?’

The BBC appearance continues the pair's comedy love-hate thing that started last month when Pratt posted a series of Instagram selfies cropping out co-star Lawrence.

The big question now is whether J-Law and C-Pratt's off-screen comedy gold will translate to on-screen chemistry. Stranded-in-space romance ‘Passengers’ is one of Christmas’s buzziest films. The pair play travellers on a spaceship journeying to a distant colony planet. Trouble is, they've woken up from their sleeping pods 90 years too early. It’s out next Friday, and you can read our first-look review tomorrow.

Watch the ‘Passengers’ trailer:

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