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Watch: just an extremely, horribly bad job of using an escalator

There are so many excruciating components to this 20-second video, watching one time simply won't be enough.

Witness and video creator Joe Gilmore explains:

'After leaving our office Christmas party I found this awesome fella who had had one too many sherries and was trying to walk the wrong way down the escalator. After a bit of encouragement from everyone down below, he decided he'd take a faster, albeit more bumpy route to the bottom! Although it looks bad he was actually fine in the end, and we managed to get him home safely! Sure he had a nasty hangover in the morning though!'

So there you have it – he was fine, so you're allowed to laugh.

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jj f

Oh, so a guy  made a video about his drunk mate falling down the stairs. Maybe because they have been drunk and they knew each other it was funny...for them. But why is this on TimeOut? I'd love to meet the 'journalist/editor/the five years old kid who thought this is a great story to share. 

Sally C

Hilarious - because London Ambulance Service and hospitals aren't busy enough at Christmas. 

Watch this and then use this YouTube footage for entertainment. 

I'm struggling to decide which of you is more moronic, the idiot nearly breaking his neck, the people filming or Time Out for giving this bloody stupid behaviour the oxygen of publicity. 


That bump on the sign had to hurt! :)