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What do you seriously need to give up for Lent?

Written by
Rosie Percy

January's over, but just as you thought you could go back to beef and booze without 'new year, new me' guilt pangs, another reason to feel bad about your lifestyle choices is on the horizon.

Lent's looming, meaning that's it's time to contemplate what we should give up from March 1. Promises to ourselves usually involve avoiding chocolate, if only to justify stuffing our cheeks with Creme Eggs come Easter. But are there other things that Londoners should be giving up? Maybe it's texting your ex, tutting at tourists or kidding ourselves that the red wine is medicinal? Sure, a glass might be good for you, but a whole bottle probably (read: definitely) isn't.

So tell us: what do you seriously need to give up for Lent?

Share the bad behaviour that you really should avoid until Easter with us anonymously below, and the bravest and most relatable will be featured in the magazine. 

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