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What is 'thundersnow' and is it coming to London?

Matilda Egere-Cooper

Wrap up warm, London – snow is apparently arriving today and it's not likely to be the gentle flurry from the sky we wished we got for Christmas. According to weather reports we're getting 'thundersnow', and if you think that sounds pretty hardcore, you're right – it's basically the snowy version of a thunderstorm.

You've probably already heard that The Met Office has issued severe weather warnings, which could see heavy rain and this freaky weather phenomenon go down this evening – hardly what we need for the commute home. But hey, it's just a little drizzly for now – and if we can survive a 24-hour tube strike, we can deal with a bit of thundersnow, right?

In other news, the city isn't getting more weird weather, but it is getting superfast free wifi.

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