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What's the most passive-aggressive thing you've ever done?

Rosie Percy

Along with emojis, eye-rolls and tutting on the tube, passive aggressiveness is a common method of communication for stressed-out Londoners.

Although we’ve got something to say, god forbid we actually confront it and have a conversation. It's much easier to stick a catty note ALL IN CAPITALS onto your communal fridge and hope the housemate who keeps using all the milk gets the message.

So in an age of subtweets, notes stuck on plates and stealing possessions to level the field, we want to know: what’s the most passive-aggressive thing you’ve ever done? 

What caused it? And how did you get your own back? Share your pass-agg experiences with us anonymously in the form below, and the pettiest will be picked to feature in the magazine. 

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