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Dating in London
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What's your worst date story?

Rosie Percy

Ah, dating. It’s a tough game to play, especially in a city that never sleeps (with the same person twice). ONS data has shown that seven of the top 10 ‘most single’ areas in the UK are in London – so it doesn’t look like we’re in a rush to settle down. 

As we attempt to swipe our way to happiness or cuddle up for cuffing season, we’re bound to kiss a few frogs (read: photographers with commitment issues) along the way.

Dates vary from dinner and hand-holding to drinking too much and never hearing from them again, but there are some dates that stand out above the rest. Perhaps you met the one and grabbed the next train to Gretna Green, or perhaps they sick-burped beer into your mouth as they went to make a move. No? Just me again? Right.

Your picture-perfect ‘kissing on Tower Bridge’ stories are great, but how will they help us when we’re listening to Celine Dion crying into our sixth gin on a Tuesday night? Help us feel better about the state of our love lives and tell us your worst, weirdest and most unbelievable-but-true dating stories. 

Submit your toe-curling tales below, and the best/worst ones will make it into our magazine. Don’t worry – we’ll keep it all completely anonymous.

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