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Why every Londoner should download meal-sharing app Trybe

Why every Londoner should download meal-sharing app Trybe

Time Out tries and tests the best apps for city living. This week: buy your dinner straight from the cook with meal-sharing app Trybe.

What is it?

A new, down-to-earth alternative to regular takeaway apps. Trybe lets users list local, home-cooked meals and dishes for sale. You can pick it up from the cook or have it delivered. Trybe currently has 500 London professional cooks and carefully vetted amateurs on board, serving north and east London postcodes with plans to go city-wide in the new year. This being 2016 there are all kinds of meals available, including vegan, gluten-free and health-conscious options.

Why do I need it?

Because it’s a more personal experience than Deliveroo and co, the prices are appealing and you can be sure your food is being made to order. It’s worth placing your order early: by 8pm many of the chefs had sold out or closed for the night. But I can report that Sara W’s sweet potato gnocchi with a warm salad of broccoli, peas and spinach arrived promptly, cost £7 and tasted delicious.

Free. iOS and Android. 20MB-21.2MB. Download it from www.try.be.

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Alex M
Alex M

great Idea ... Must try !